Cricket Bat Repairs

We offer a range of services for both used cricket bats and broken bats of any brand. All bat repairs are carried out by RJR’s master bat makers.

Service Price
Cricket Bat Service

  • Stickerremoval
  • Bat sanding & cracks repairs
  • New grip applied
  • NewRJR stickers or stickers you supply applied
Winter Service

  • Bat sanding & cracks repaired
  • Overall general cleaning of the face of the bat
  • Anti Scuff protector applied (face of bat only) OR bat re-oiled
Weight Reduction

A bat can only be reduced in weight in accordance with the size and shape of the bat, so if the weight reduction required is not possible an RJR representative will discuss with you.

Knocking in

We spend the time knocking in your new bat to make it ready for use in the nets. Includes Anti Scuff if required.

Rehandle Bat – Includes New Grip $94.95
RJR Anti-Scuff Protector application $14.95
New Grip Fitted $4.95
New Bat Grip $4.99

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